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PSA: Jeep JK e-brake cable routing & drop bracket

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FYI, if you have 3" or more lift on the JK, you need to do something with the parking brake cables...


i already had a parking brake extension/drop bracket installed (can't remember what brand), but with my new longer shocks, it wasn't enough. 




those brake cables were pulling down so hard that the drop bracket bent and was starting to rip out of the floor. one of the cables was kinking at the hanger as well.




more importantly, notice that the cables run OVER the fuel tank filler hose and can pull down on it slightly still. it looks like that pressure was even causing a little seep of gas right where the hose meets the tank (see photo below). i'm wondering if this is the part of the tank where @mynr1 was getting his evap leak recently?




to fix all that...


step 1: i re-bent the drop bracket i had to lower the cable hanger even further:








step 2: i re-routed the cables UNDER the rear frame cross-member and tank fill hose. i used a giant zip-tie to keep them from just drooping loose below the hanger.




now there's a little space between the cables and the tank hose, so they no longer pull or push on it when the axle fully droops or lifts.











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Don't know if Joe addressed this when fixing my evap leak. Will check it out. Thx

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