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organizing steel/aluminum stock (scraps/cut-offs)

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my collection of random steel and aluminum stock (and some wood) was sprawling out of control. it was somewhat organized in a few trash-cans and on shelving, but still taking up too much room and making it hard to see if i had a particular size piece when i needed it.


i ran across this short 3-tier wire shelving at my Walmart for under $25 and realized it would make a perfect organizer for all that stuff.




i cut a few sections of wire out to make pockets for larger angle pieces, and then also sub-divided sections with some stiff copper wire i had.




my system is that pieces shorter than the top shelf go in the front and the taller stuff in the back. anything shorter than the short shelf (15") goes in some plastic bins. i keep the aluminum, steel, and wood/plastic stuff all in seperate bins or different sides of this new shelving.




that just leaves me with a few larger boards and random other tall things in a garbage can, plus some really long and wide items still up on shelves.




so that's my $25 solution to a "scraps" storage bin!








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What a great use of those little wire tables!! Very tidy.

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Great idea  Kris.  I wish I had the floor space for something like that.


I have made use of the inside of my shed door to store some longer aluminum and my larger pieces of aluminum sheet stock. 


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