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Custom DRL's for my Jeep JK

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all the newer vehicles lately come with full-on TRON level daytime running lights, and i'm jealous! and thus, i decided to add some DRL's to my Jeep JK.


i didn't want to straight up copy the new JL/JT fender lights (though i do love the look of the LED version), and i didn't want to make my rig look like a high-school kid's lowered Honda either - so i considered what to get and where to put them for a long time. i finally decided on a couple vertical strips mounted behind my black perforated grill insert.




i used a pair of 6" Profile Pivot Switchback Strips and the Profile SuperStrips (smoked housings) for them.


tkb1UjGVzbRT-JeWPu2jr6bghY9jz3zQy7kF1tiS s3MuS2SuJKmKYd8GL6ccRPRWNoccU7qwPQPDkfms


i made custom mounting brackets out of some 1/2" wide by 1/16" thick aluminum bar stock and painted it flat black. you only barely notice the strips when they are off.




i wired them to the factory fog-light harness and programmed the Jeep to enable fog-lights as DRL's. i also wired the existing front marker lights so they would come on with the strips.


the strips are "switchback" meaning normally white but they also have an amber input. i already had switchback LED bulbs in the factory blinker locations so everything on the front is white for DRL but each side flashes amber-off-amber as a turn signal.




anything aftermarket or custom is of course a matter taste, but i like how it came out and i guess that's all that matters ;)







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Very clean installation Kris.

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This looks siiiiiiiiick! 


Sick Dope GIF by Alex Trimpe

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