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Google Pixel 3 phone camera

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i seem to be taking way more photos with my phone lately than my "real" point & shoot camera. however the old LG G6's lens had gotten so scratched up that everything was turning out hazy. i  was never really impressed with its camera anyway, despite having RAW capabilities.


so i upgraded to a used Google Pixel 3. the camera is ranked pretty well - not as good as the absolute latest Samsung or iPhone models, but i just couldn't see spending nearly a grand on a phone right now. the used Pixel 3 with a perfect screen but some scratches on the sides and back was $280.


i went out to test the camera a little yesterday afternoon.


  • double-clicking the power button launches the camera and then the volume button works as shutter. that's similar to how my G6 worked and i was very happy to not lose that physical button shortcut.
  • camera overall produces sharp and colorful images. colors may be a tad oversaturated.
  • i found the "HDR+" setting is pretty realistic, only slightly heavy handed sometimes. the "Enhanced HDR+" setting is way too much for my tastes though. 
  • digital zoom still sucks (like on every camera) even with Google's AI algorithms that are supposed to make it better.
  • the pano and photo sphere features work well and are easy to access.
  • the portrait mode fake bokeh feature does not work well with nature photography. the lens will still give you a little bit of that shallow depth-of-field effect naturally though.
  • image stabilization works well with still photos in terms of preventing blurriness from shaky hands. i've haven't tested shooting video yet.
  • i haven't tested the much touted low light capabilities yet.


















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    I think those are very excellent pics!  Well done!

    smiles, ladybug

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    Nice! You just inspired me to google camera shortcuts for my phone. My volume key operates the shutter too, which means I don't need 2 hands to take pictures with it after all. Yeah! It's a game changer!

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