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11JUL2020 - Conger-Sheridan-Mesa Loop (Prescott NF) - 4x4 Easy/Moderate

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 Sat,  11 July, 2020: Conger-Sheridan-South Mesa Loop near Prescott, AZ | 4x4 Easy-Moderate


Hi guys! I hope you're all staying safe out there. I, for one, have had enough of this "home-body life" and need to get out. I've been locked up since I last saw some of you in February and I'm going INSANE. But, it's hot. How about we take a trip to the pines and enjoy a morning ride at 6,000 ft and top it off with temperatures from 65-85 degrees?


This trip will take us through the beautiful and cool Prescott National Forest. We'll observe the damage from the Stubbs Fire in 2018 (a not-so-subtle reminder of what we're facing today with fires ravaging Four Peaks and Mt Lemmon), we'll check out some connecting trails with a high desert flavor, roll through a pygmy forest and climb back into the pines.


***Out of consideration for others, please observe social distancing guidelines on this trip***



Photo from the very nearby Hyde Creek Mountain trail.




Meeting Location: Chevron 4155 Outer Loop Rd, Prescott, AZ 86305 (map)

The meeting location has fuel, food, snacks, and some "souvenirs" and loads of parking.


Timing: 8:00am meet up. Depart at 8:30am.

Total trail time is loosely estimated at 4-5 hours (this is just a wild guess!). We'll go at a leisurely pace to enjoy the sights and each others company!


Trail Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

The day may include narrow shelf roads, pin striping, mild off-camber, loose rock/boulders. Odds are a large portion of the day will be in 2H or 4H. :)


Trail Description: 

Dirt roads/trail - 75% / Pavement - 25%


We'll meet up at the Chevon north of Prescott for fuel and coffee and make our way to Camp Wood Road which will take us into the heart of the Prescott NF. The ride is a 3 trail loop along Sheridan Mountain Trail, Conger Water Trail, and north on the South Mesa Trail.


  1. Sheridan Mountain - This 12mi trail will take us into the heart of the damage left by the 2018 Stubbs Fire which leveled almost 13 sq/mi of forest and desert. Views will include the sad but impressive damage left by the fire, granite outcroppings, views of the BT Butte, and panoramic views. The trail fades at the top of Smith mesa.
  2. Conger Water - We'll double back and grab the connecting 6mi Conger Water Trail. This trail will take us out of the Stubbs Fire damage zone and into a pygmy juniper forest known for Alligator Juniper trees. We'll enjoy great views as we climb up Anderson Mesa and wind our way closer to the South Mesa Trail.
  3. South Mesa - We'll dump out on to the South Mesa trail with the option to either take an easier route north into the pines, or south along a rougher road to some views from South Mesa. Both routes are approximately 5mi and both dead-end at Camp Wood Road, our main route back out to civilization.


Camp Wood road is a hard packed, fairly high-speed dirt road that will take us back the way we came.




Approximate Timeline:

  • 8:00AM - Meet Up (map)
  • 8:30AM - Depart
  • 9:00AM - Camp Wood Road / Air Down
  • 9:30AM - Sheridan Trail
  • 11:00AMish - Conger Water Trail
  • Noonish - South Mesa Trail
  • 1PMish - Camp Wood Road to head home!


Timeframe is approximate as we'll take breaks and stop to enjoy the sights along the way!

Lunch? Bring one! We'll stop whenever everyone is hungry enough to eat an Alligator Juniper!




For those inclined to camp, there are dispersed campsites EVERYWHERE in the region. The South Mesa trail boasts a spot large enough for 30-50 rigs, according to this guy.


For information on Prescott NF COVID-19 disruptions, please click here.

Fire Restrictions (as of the time of this post) are at STAGE 2: information here.


Additional Considerations:

  • Dress for the weather!
  • Bring a chair!
  • Bring a lunch and plenty of water
  • Sunscreen!
  • Bring a camera!
  • Emergency supplies / Med kit
  • Fire extinguisher




Vehicle Minimums:

  • All vehicles are required to meet state legal requirements, (i.e.: current registration and insurance)
  • Have functional seat-belts for each occupant
  • Must have suitable recovery points front and rear
  • Each vehicle must have a CB Radio or a Ham Radio in good working order
  • High-clearance 4x4's with low-range
  • 30"+ aggressive all-terrain or mud-terrain tires




Please see the files attached to this post.



CB Channel: 4
Ham Frequency: 146.46 MHz




Rig Limit: This trip is limited to 10 total rigs. Once the limit is reached, anyone asking to sign-up will be placed on the standby list. Please don't hesitate to sign-up as a standby because people often do drop-out so you may get to still go.


Post a reply in this thread saying you'd like to go and I'll put you on the roster!


***Out of consideration for others, please observe social distancing guidelines on this trip***




1 - @4x4tographer (lead)

2 - @theksmith

3 - @CAVU2

4 - @K2man56

5 - 

6 - 

7 - 

8 - 

9 - 

10 - 



1 - 

Camp Wood Road - © Trails Offroad.gpx Sheridan Mountain - © Trails Offroad.gpx Conger Water - © Trails Offroad.gpx South Mesa - © Trails Offroad.gpx

Edited by 4x4tographer

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count me in please!

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I’m interested 

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count us in.....Robert Redford Nod GIF

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As a point of interest, here's a map of the Stubbs Fire damage overlaid over our route:



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