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Deal on a double-wide (2 person) sleeping bag (Kelty Tru.Comfort)

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Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag


I had been looking for a new double (2 person) sleeping bag, and ran across the Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide for $75 on scoutshop.org. I think it may be the previous year model, but it normally sells for $180 everywhere and I paid $84 with shipping to Phoenix.


Tru Comfort Doublewide from ScoutShop


I haven't received it yet, but did get a shipping confirmation and I'll update this thread once I check it out first hand. The price, flexible temperature features, and a positive review from @lofreqjeff and Katie are what sold me on this Kelty.


Here's a good overview of the bag:



The other 2 person bags I had been looking at were:


- Nemo Jazz Duo 20 (anything I've gotten from Nemo has been high quality)

Sierra Designs Frontcountry Bed 20 Queen/Double (neat zipperless design)

SylvanSport Cloud Layer Double Sleeping Bag (cool removable sheet system)


I was really leaning towards the SylvanSport, but couldn't resist this super deal on the Kelty. Note that all 3 of the above bags can also be purchased in standard single-person versions.



Nemo Roamer XL Sleep Pad


We are pairing this new bag with two Nemo Roamer Sleeping Pads. I'm going with 2 pads instead of a single queen size so I can use one when I camp solo. I tried my new Nemo Roamer for the first time on our last campout and loved it! Regular cheap air mattresses hurt my back but most of the pads I've tired are too thin for my taste.


The Roamer is similar to the most luxury offerings from Thermarest, Exped, or SylvanSport - but packs down smaller. It's a self-inflating style, but not like the old school Thermarests in that these actually inflate themselves to 90% fairly quickly and are also easy to deflate. The separate one-way inflate and deflate valves are really handy.


Nemo's stuff is pricey, but high quality and this is by far the best pad I've found for a side-sleeper (and I've tried quite a few over the years)!


Here's a review on the Nemo Roamer:



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This seems right up my alley. I can't sleep in a "normal" sleeping bag (especially a "mummy bag") since I end up with a serious case of "leg claustrophobia". I need to be able to just splay out all over the place. 😆

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So I shared the www.scoutshop.org/ site with my sister who is a big time backpacker/hiker and she's freaking out over the deals. She found a pack that she spent $400 on for $125.


Seriously nice find! I was a Boy Scout for like a decade and have never once thought they'd have some type of "REI" online store. Super cool!


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the bag showed up, no problems. it did take about a week to ship and then just a few days more to actually get here.


excited to try it out - hopefully before too long!

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