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MPS JKU Rear Door Strap Extension Brackets

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If you've ever ridden in the back of a lifted Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited, you may recall needing to be a contortionist to exit the vehicle!  Now I don't often ride in the back of my own Jeep, but I do have my sleep platform back there and getting in and out is always a slight PITA.


For $30 (including shipping) and about 10 minutes of your time, you can go from the rear doors opening this far:




to this far:




...which does make a world of difference!


The mod is the JKU Rear Door Strap Extension Brackets from Molle Platform Solutions.


For your $30 you'll get a pair of brackets like the one on the left below, which replace the factory bracket shown on the right:




Here's the passenger side with the new bracket:




They shipped quick and the install was super fast - highly recommended! 


Oh, I should note, the new range of the rear doors does NOT interfere with opening the front doors.

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That's very cool! Yours is the only JK I've ever ridden in the back seat of, and I agree. It was a huge PITA getting in and out! Nice improvement.

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