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Open to All: Feb 18 - 20, 2011 Mojave Road AKA Kit Carson Trail 4x4 Easy Tent Camping

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The Mojave Road




Kit Carson Trail


February 18 - 20, 2011



The Mojave Road is a 138-mile stretch of dirt road through the center of the Mojave National Preserve. The road leads from waterhole to waterhole, and is mostly a 4-wheel-drive trail. Traveling the Mojave Road is a 2- or 3-day excursion, best made with a group of well-equipped off-roaders. The trip begins in Afton Canyon near Barstow and ends at the Colorado River . The Mojave National Preserve is huge and empty. Except the store at Cima (which may or may not be open) there are no services of any kind available. Take plenty of emergency rations and extra water, and fill up your gas tank. Bring plenty of film for your camera; you'll use a lot.






Join us for an old favorite adventure as we travel from [near] Barstow, CA to Laughlin, NV on the historic Mojave Road. This trip will be led by a Mojave Road expert, photojournalist Jim Brightly. You may have seen Jim's article about this trail in the March 2010 issue of 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine. To enhance your experience, Jim recommends that you purchase the book 'The Mojave Road Guide', "The indisputable authority on this trip", written by Dennis Casebier. Casebier spent decades traveling the trail and has an insatiable appetite for history and geology. Mile by mile, the book guides travelers over the passes and through the valleys, 138.8 miles.













  • Meet Friday, February 18, 2011 at BLM Afton Canyon Campground ($6 exact change self-pay per vehicle)
  • Saturday, February 19, 2011 we hit The Mojave Road at 9 AM Sharp! We'll get about halfway accross and camp at Beale Moutain
  • Sunday, February 20, 2011 we hit the trail at 9 Sharp to complete our crossing. We'll exit The Mojave Road near The Avi Casino in Laughlin and head for hom.

    • Monday, February 21 is Presidents Day; some folks may wish to reserve a room at The Avi or in Laughlin.



  • There will be a $5.00 per vehicle permit fee, payable at Afton Campground when you arrive Friday.
  • It is going to be COLD, pack for cold weather camping, and bring layers of clothing.
  • If Soda Dry Lake is too wet, the NPS will not allow us to cross, in which case we'll take I-15 to Baker and make our way back to the road via the Kelbaker Road.
  • Pack it in, Pack it out including your poop - each vehicle required to carry port-a-potty and wag bags.
  • Short daylight hours in February means our group must be ready each morning at 9 sharp Arizona time. We'll start forming the line at 8:30.
  • Every vehicle is required to have a CB radio, we'll be on channel 4.
  • If you have HAM, simplex 146.460. Will also monitor the Ludlow repeater (147.885-)

Trail Leaders:

Jim Brightly [tonto] - Confirmed

dzjeepchic & Number 7 - Confirmed



TheKSmith - Confirmed

JKGoose - Confirmed

azscout - Confirmed


Maddogjeeper - Confirmed

The Gear - Confirmed


jburns - Confirmed

Lichen - Confirmed


ducksface - Confirmed

Project510 - Confirmed (has dibs on ORP's portable CB unit)

mkitchen - Confirmed


SamWhite - Confirmed

Desert4x4 - Confirmed

2ForTheOffroad - Confirmed

MatthewP - Confirmed

DefectiveMonk - Confirmed

jah310 - Confirmed

Gooseberry - Confirmed

Chris - Confirmed

mtngote - Confirmed

dougb - Confirmed


Last Minute Checklist

$6 exact change for camping friday night

$5 exact change for pitching in on Special Use Permit

Filled-out & Signed ORP Attendance Waiver (if you have a printer)

Firewood (if you have room)

Port-a Potty & Wag Bags

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Sign me up please.

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D, please put me on the list. I've been wanting to do this one for a long time.:D

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On the trail by 0830.....:cool:

Sign me up!!!! :P

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Sounds like fun I'll be there.

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cool! sign me up.....thanks!

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That looks fun! I'm jealous, well minus the pooing in a bag thing!

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Please put the wife and I down for an almost for sure. I will confirm asap. thanks

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