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2020 Christmas Tree Permit Trip

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yesterday was our 7th time going up to the Mogollon Rim area to cut down a tree thanks to the National Forest Christmas Tree Permit program!

i highly recommend this as an awesome family activity and the NF has made it even easier now that you can get the permits online:




we missed the last few years after i got Gadget since i haven't had a roof rack or trailer. the last time we went was when the @Bradywgn71s came with us in 2015:




 but this year i had a plan...



@aimee took this shot from our neighborhood as we left the house bright and early!




we almost didn't go because i worried about mud after this week's rain. there's been plenty of snow on some of the previous trips, but this year has stayed too warm for much of the white stuff. fortunately the mud wasn't bad at all.




after driving around some offshoots of FR300, we saw a nice little grove of Fir and then Aimee picked out a pretty little tree. Brady "chopped it down" using my trusty 18v reciprocating saw and a long demolition blade.




after the required poses with the tree, it was time for my genius plan...






no roof rack, no trailer, no problem!




i mean that will totally not fall off at 75 MPH for nearly 2 hours right?


on the way out of the forest, i continued Aimee & B's least favorite tradition - making them listen to Jingle Cat's Meow Christmas!




and well the tree...


completely survived hwy 260 and the I-17 all the way back to Phoenix! there were a lot of open mouths and smiles and pointing from passengers in other cars though ;)


it's not the fullest tree we've ever found - but it came out nice once Aimee got it lit and decorated.




and now that it survived the freeway, we just have to keep the cats from destroying it!


Merry Christmas to all our 4x4 friends!












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