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April 17, 2021 | "Saturday in Sedona" | Moderate

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Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! Here are a few reminders and details:


Permit: Don't forget your Soldier Pass Permit! It is required for access to our first trail and can result in a nasty fine if you're caught without it.



  • Freaking gorgeous
  • High of 76
  • Partly cloudy/sunny
  • Light breeze



  • GMRS - Channel 20 (462.675 MHz) ***this is my primary radio and I'll be monitoring this freq***
  • Ham - 146.460 MHz


Meet Up:

  • 9am @ Starbucks on Coffee Pot Drive
  • Google map link is in the first post
  • There is an ARCO gas station on the corner for topping off your tank
  • Lets meet up in the large parking lot across from Starbucks






Overall route:

  • Below is a look at our overall route for the day.
  • Soldier Pass is a quick 5 minutes from Starbucks, residing in the neighborhood just behind the shopping center
  • Airing down:
    • I don't personally plan to air down before Soldier Pass.
    • Soldier Pass is a very short trail (just over 1 mile). Overall very slow going and pretty mild with a few interesting climbs. No washboard roads. I don't anticipate any traction issues.
    • After we complete Soldier Pass, it's a 10mi trek on pavement to our next trail.
    • I plan to air down at the Oak Creek Homestead trailhead to avoid needing to air down, air up, and airing down again.
  • Lunch:
    • I have no rigid schedule for our rides for the day :) 
    • As Soldier Pass is really short (probably around 1-2 hours), odds are we'll be breaking for lunch on Oak Creek Homestead. We'll play it by ear!




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Yet another awesome day of offroading in Sedona with tons of beautiful scenery!  Thanks Ryan for setting up this run! 😎

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Photo thread is up here!




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Posted (edited)




Thanks for putting this run together it was a great day 


Your pictures are awesome too!





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