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HowTo avoid that Datacrawlers can catch you (optaining internet privacy)

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After some discussions about data crawlers and privacy I did try to do a writeup, about how you can get privacy.


I want to show with that - that most of us dont have any privacy jet. And that it is not easy to get privacy, without starting new virtual identities anywhere.. At Facebook, at Offroadpassport and similar.


Article: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/2021/03/howto-avoid-that-datacrawlers-can-catch-you.html


I try to write in a easy understandable way, did a kind of very simplified presentation which can discussed controvers at detail, but hopefully helps to understand.


Personally I try another way than staying complete anomyous. I try to sepearate the Data I`m providing to different providers. 


If you are using google, google drive and gmail you give any information just to one provider. If you split them (at example outlook.com for email, using startpage.com for websearches and Apple for Cloudstorage) the picture about you is incomplete (for each Datacrawlers).


The mess about privacy is, that Crawlers are not really interested who you are. If you are using this "anonymous" device with new Accounts at Facebook, Insta, Youtube and use them daily lat logged in state - you will get too the custom advertising they assume out of your interests - like before... 


So to be honest - if you really dont want to feed the Datacrawlers - dont use them... No FB, no Offroadpassport, no smartphone


Hope that help a bit, for understanding how privacy can work. If you dont want that your provider knows what you do - vpn will  do the job. But that is not enough against the Datacrawlers.. 


And yes, I did start to publish my content too in english: https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/  Hope without too many spelling failures?!



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