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G&D's Big Project

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Since Rocktoberfest George has been rocking out the doors. Not Van Morrison, but he has been painting and hanging interior doors. 🤣 We went with flat doors with no design stamp, flat, non wavy door trim, and plain hardware, to carry the simplistic theme. They came out awesome!


Double doors into den/office and pantry door




Bedroom and bathroom doors at end of hallway 



On a side note, we found these plants growing in our neighborhood that we thought might be some kind of wild chili pepper or some such. As it turns out, these 'chili peppers ' produce Cat Claws, AKA Devil's Claws. I've seen these in Tucson, on the Rug Road, and on the Devil's Hwy. Now I know where they come from! 😌 









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Happy Thanksgiving from us to you! Hope you're staying toasty today, we are. First fire in the new stove. 🔥 





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Love it!

smiles, ladybug





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