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JeepSwag / Dominion Offroad "Dirt Bagz" under rear seat storage bags

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i bought a set of Dirt Bagz for my JK Unlimited to cleanup several different sized bags i previously had shoved under the back seat.


these are available for 2 and 4 door JK's as well as JL Wranglers.




they come in a pair. a nice touch is that they are left/right specific so the zippers face the same way on each side.




i measure each one to be about 19" x 8" x 4" plus another inch every direction if you really stuff them full. you can easily get quite a bit of junk in.


the lids also have a thin pocket accessible via internal zipper.




the main zippers are large and don't get tangled in the heavy duty fabric. they appear to be mostly made from PVC coated nylon or similar. the sides are further reinforced with 3" webbing sewn in. the webbing also contributes to the overall stiffness, so they keep their shape even when empty.


i cut up the box they came in to make an additional stiffener for the bottoms.




my favorite feature is they fit on the floor in front of the rear seats when you want to fold those down!




so now when i fold down the passenger side to deploy my sleep platform, there's just one bag to move, and a dedicated place to put it.




the placement still works even if the front seat is all the way back.




shipping was fast, only took 2 days to arrive here in AZ.


they're a little pricey considering you can just grab any old tool bag for much less... however, they seem to be high quality and are purpose-built/sized to the exact space available making for a really clean & convenient storage solution.



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Hmmm.....gonna have to check into those.

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WOW!  What a couple of dirt bags...  


Captain America Laughing GIF by mtv


Those are pretty cool all joking aside.

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