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Not so much for trip planning, per se, but to help understand the history of the land you might be standing on - Check out Native Land Digital.


It's fully interactive and allows you to explore various known territories of indigenous peoples, areas where various languages were/are spoken, and more. You toggle various layers, including modern day government boarders.


What I find interesting about it is that many of the layers overlap and all are "clickable". When you click on a layer, you are presented with links to various 3rd party websites, many of them operated by various tribal nations or other sources, with pretty in-depth information related to the land and language local to that area.


Pretty darn cool and adds some extra depth to your travels, in my opinion. 


This article on Gaia has a nice backstory on the origins of the mapping project and some more detailed information on its ongoing progress.




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Trails Offroad recently released a new site update that tightens up the look and feel and adds a great new feature: Scout Routes.


Scout Routes are trails that the Trails Offroad team has pre-driven, but hasn't written a full review yet. They include a very basic difficulty rating, a few photos, about a paragraph of detail on the trail and any concerns. They also provide GPX files for download of the actual recorded route they took. These recorded GPX files haven't been cleaned up before upload, so they may include stops and deviations from the main trail, depending on what the driver did.


The new Scout Routes will show up as dotted lines.



CTD Routes: They've also rolled out CTD Routes (a few months back). CTD Routes are connector trails and roads to help you figure out the fastest way to get to a trailhead. These routes aren't reviewed - but the GPX files are available for download.


CTD Routes will show up as grey lines.





Here's an example of a Scout Route trail page:




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Gaia GPS has a new Overlanding layer they have made available. It is named Gaia Overland and a write up is available here.  I am still looking around the layer to see how I feel about it, the legend looks extensive which is nice.



From the layer:




This is the layer in use in Gaia by itself for one of the Moab runs. It does look like it displays a lot of relevant information which is nice.


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After poking around some here is what I am finding. Overall I am impressed and like it. I am sure they will be improving/updating as time goes on.


I thought I'd share because why not. 🙂  I have it set as the base layer in these images. I only have The Gaia Overland in Feet and the MVUM layer on my map and I can see what I need to see. 


This is up north with the opacity all the way down  on the Gaia and MVUM layers.



Opacity on Gaia Overland all the way "up", MVUM opacity all the way "down". The brown "tabs/plates" over the road that show road/trail numbers are part of the Gaia Overland layer. There are more details and POI's for lack of a better word.



This is with both layers opacity all the way "up". Notice how the MVUM now labels 00161B. I am sure some of the bugs, if that is what this is, will be worked out.


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Excellent info to share guys!  And thanks for doing that!!

FWIW - I love the Mines and Bedrock layers too!!!  But when you're out just and about, the ones you are showing are the best!!!

Many thanks!

smiles, ladybug


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