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overlanding offgrid power battery solution with solar (Ecoflow based)

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I was so lucky to be able to work on my rig!  And to test my new power setup at severall trips ;)


I did went the way with crowdfunding to get one of the Ecoflow R600 Pro. Lucky me, because it will not hit the market with lifepo4. But the Ecoflow River Pro is near the same with Lithium batterys.  The shipping did arrive late, at december 2020.


I did remove my 95 AH Battery, a 25a DC DC Booster, a 600w Sine-Inverter, MTTP Solar charger, a Wall Charger and cables - it was 35kg - 77 lbs where I did spent around 1500$ 10 years ago.  And I just add this small and lightweigt Ecoflow device with 8.5kg / 18.7lbs what isnt near that expensive.


Here is my detailed review and new setup:
Vanlife offgrid power solution with solar - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

It is a perfect fit for overlanding purpose! Did was able to stay a week self-sufficent offgrid just with solar (and still full batterys afterwards). Would work too in a boat, a tiny house or similar.

There are severall competitor products - but no one was able to fulfil our need that well.


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