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Fort Tule Night Run north of Lake Pleasant - June 11, 2021 - Trip report

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We had a great trip to see the Fort Tule ruins!  The weather was great once the sun set (with no wind I might add).  We left early enough that everyone was able to see the Fort Tule ruins before it got dark.  We also had another side stop to check out the old USGS gauging station in Humbug Creek, which I navigated in the dark without getting lost this time!  :)   


I didn't take any photos, but hopefully @4x4tographer @Trail Toy @lofreqjeff @K2man56 have a few that they can add to this trip report. 


I want to thank everyone again who was able to make it out last night!  :)  

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I don’t usually take many pics - but Katie takes all kinds of pics 









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