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How do I post pictures?

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Option 1: Use the Attachments feature (the paper-clip icon in the New Post toolbar). This is easy, but creates thumbnails of the pics that people have to click on to see the full-size. This works great if you just want to quickly put up one or two photos (or share any kind of file).





Option 2: Use a photo hosting site to upload your pics to, then link to them in your post. This puts the large pics right in the post where it's easy for everyone to see. You can also then choose to just post a few pics here in the forum while providing a link to the host site for people that want to see your full album.


The best instructions I've yet found on how to do this are here: http://www.tintdude.com/posting-pics.html


WebShots, Flickr, Picasa, and other free hosting sites besides PhotoBucket work well too, however PhotoBucket is often the easiest for new users.


q52045600631_7750.jpg (Photobucket)







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