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NEW DATES! AUG 20 & 21: Northern Arizona Overland Traverse

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This is the new event post. Trip were postponed from July to August due to national forest closures due to wildfires. Original planning discussion can be found here.


Northern AZ Overland Traverse

Friday August 20 & Saturday August 21 | Cottonwood to Williams, AZ

Primitive Tent Camping | No Facilities


Join me for 2 days and 135-ish miles of dirt therapy on this overland-style adventure! We’ll be running a modified version of the Northern Arizona Overland Traverse, which I’ve modified to be shorter, adding in a few side-stops. This route will take us through the chaparral forested Prescott NF and into the higher altitude ponderosa pines of Kaibab NF. 


We’ll start our trip in the town of Cottonwood, meeting up for a great breakfast before departing. Along the way we’ll take in several different views of Sycamore Canyon as we stop along the rim in several places. The majority of our ride will be easy trails, with a decent stretch of moderate trails with a few small technical sections. We’ll have the option of a short hike to see some pretty amazing cliff dwellings overlooking the red rocks. Camp will be made in the cool pines in Kaibab NF.


The following day, we’ll head out to Sycamore Point for some panoramic views, and wind our way north, with our final stop in Williams. While there, we can check out Route 66, grab some lunch (or an early dinner), before parting company and heading home.





Meetup for Breakfast

We'll grab some breakfast in town at Crema Craft Kitchen, an award-winning brunch joint. 

We'll hang out, drink coffee, eat some great food, talk about the plan, and head out when we’re ready!


When: August 20th @ 7am

Where: Crema Craft Kitchen (link)

917 N Main St, Cottonwood, AZ 86326


**Please arrive fueled up and ready**


Parking: There are 2 public (and free) lots within 1 block north and south of the restaurant

  • South (closest): 34.74701179140745, -112.02754154260568
  • North: 34.74805909700933, -112.02644536506874



Trip Itinerary

Please note that the itinerary is approximate.


Day 1: Friday, August 20th

  • Breakfast meetup (7am)
    • Depart after breakfast
  • Hit the road!
    • Cruise down 89a and through Jerome
    • Turn north into Prescott National Forest
    • Scenic Drive (easy)
  • Break for lunch
    • Optional hike to the dwellings (300ft elevation gain)
  • Back on the road!
    • Scenic drive (easy to moderate)
    • Cross over into Kaibab National Forest
    • Camp Finding (Excess drive may be approx 5-10mi depending on availability of sites)
  • Set up camp!


Day 2: Saturday, August 21st

  • Wake up / Pack up / Eat
  • Hit the road, Jack!
    • If needed, we'll stop in Williams for fuel
    • Trail ride to Sycamore Point
    • Take a break, explore, enjoy the views
    • Trail ride ending in downtown Williams on Old Route 66
  • Get your kicks on Route 66 (Williams, AZ)
    • Grab some lunch locally (tons of options)
    • Check out the sites, enjoy the town
  • Part ways and head home via your favorite highway (if you want!)
  • Odds are, you'll be home by dark on Saturday



Trail Difficulty | Exploratory

Note that I have NOT run these trails personally, hence the "exploratory" status.

Based on research, the majority of our trail time will be easy dirt roads. There will be an approx 4-5mi stint that is moderate, with a few sections requiring 4L.


Link to map tracks and waypoints here

***The route is subject to change based upon damage sustained by the Rafael Wildfire



Average Weather | Area Weather for the Timeframe of this Trip

As we'll be at an altitude of over 6,000ft for the majority of our trip, I'd expect seasonal highs of 78.

Our preferred campsite is at 8,000ft and should be around a high of 73* based on seasonal average highs.


  • Sunrise: 5:23am
  • Sunset: 7:46pm
  • Moon Phase: New Moon (perfect for stargazing)
  • Avg High Temp: 78*
  • Avg Low Temp: 52*
  • Williams Altitude: 6,700ft
  • Camping Altitude: 7,000-8,000ft (temperature falls 5* per 1,000ft)



Approximate Trip Milage

The below are APPROXIMATIONS of speed, and duration. Distance is accurate.


Anticipation is we will spend the majority of our time in 2H or 4H, meaning we should be pretty fuel efficient. The passage into Kaibab will require 4L in a few spots.

Our furthest distance without a fuel stop will be (101 miles).




Based on the above estimates, we should be making camp around 4 to 5pm. However, that is a SWAG (smoking wild-ass guess).

If it begins to approach dark quicker than expected, we'll camp at the first suitable spot (sunset isn't until 7:46pm).




  • A high clearance 4x4 truck or suv with a low range transfer case option, suitable front & rear recovery point, aggressive A/T or M/T tires
    • While not required, aftermarket skid plates, rock rails, and sway-bar disconnects are recommended.
  • Rigs & drivers must meet all the typical state/federal legal requirements for on-highway vehicles (license, insurance, registration, seatbelts, lights, etc.)
  • Vehicle should be mechanically sound and safe to drive
  • Drivers of varying experience should be fine on this trip
    • Camping stuff (tent, sleeping bag, chair, stove, etc.)



Other Important Info

  • Bring 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, snacks
  • MORE water than you need
  • Camping (PRIMITIVE)
    • We'll camp at high elevation (approx 8,000 feet) where temps are expected to drop to 50 degrees. Please remember appropriate clothing and bedding.
    • This is during summer, high summer, so plan accordingly with appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and MORE water than you think you need. Average seasonal high temp is 82 for the area. 
    • Monsoon. Summer brings the monsoon. And while we haven't had a good one in a long time, this just might be our year. Rain is entirely possible. We'll keep an eye on the forecast as we get closer.
  • Radio Comms
    • Primary - GMRS channel 20 (462.675 MHz)
    • Secondary - Ham simplex 146.460 Mhz
  • Recovery gear, first aid kit, fire extinguisher
  • Folding chair, camera




Rig limit: 8



1 - @4x4tographer (lead)

2 - @johnpa

3 - @Curly 

4 - @mynr1  

5 - @shellback91

6 - @Bradywgn71

7 - @We Just Go

8 - @theksmith


Standby Squad


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I’ll raise my hand after the previous event attendees have their say.



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Johnpa is in if it is okay with mzpriss

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I'm still in.


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I'm still in.

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Still in...Al

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Still in

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On 6/21/2021 at 6:52 PM, johnpa said:

Johnpa is in if it is okay with mzpriss

Haha!  As long as you are tail gunner!

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I'm still in.

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Hey Ryan! - If you have a spot left, I'll take it...otherwise standby will work...Thanks!

smiles, ladybug

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