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9/10 - 9/12/2021: 12th Annual ORP Dirt Formal Gala | Williams, AZ | 4x4 Easy | Primitive Tent/RV Camping

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9/10 - 9/12/2021:

ORP Dirt Formal Gala near Williams, AZ


It’s that time of year! Join us for the annual 2021 ORP Dirt Formal Gala in the beautiful ponderosa pines of Williams, AZ. Chock full of fun, family, and dirt – there’s something for everyone!


  • Check out the historic town of Williams and Route 66
  • Explore scenic trails in the Kaibab National Forest
  • Enter to win some great Offroad Passport swag in a range of epic camp-challenge games
  • And more!


So grab the family and come spend a weekend tent or RV camping with us. Don't be that person hearing about all the great stuff you missed for the next whole year - sign up now!




Kaibab National Forest, just 15-20 minutes south of Williams, AZ

We have 1 primary and 2 back-up sites identified, all within 5 minutes of each other.


  • Trailer & RV-friendly access
  • Access to site is 75% pavement / 25% crushed gravel
  • Large, wide shady spots with beautiful lush pines
  • Massive forest road/trail network with great proximity to gorgeous vistas like Bill Williams Mountain and Sycamore Point
  • Average weather in Williams



Precise location will be confirmed as we approach the event date.




Camping Cost: FREE!


Suggested Donation: This is ORP's annual fundraising event and a donation of $15/person (adult) would be greatly appreciated. Club & Supporting Membership fees typically only cover our absolute most basic operating costs and so we're really relying on folks to donate.


Click here for how to make your donation!




ITINERARY Will be updated as we nail down event details

Friday (9/10)

  • Arrive anytime, most folks show up mid afternoon.
  • Setup your campsite.
  • Dinner (self-prepared) and social time, be sure to welcome any new faces!


Saturday (9/11)

  • Trail ride / exploration
  • Check out Williams on your own for touristy stuff, or just hang out and relax at camp!
  • Offroad Passport Annual Salsa Contest!
  • Games & prizes!
  • Social time, visit with old friends and get to know new folks!


Sunday (9/12)

  • Leisurely break camp & head home anytime!





  • Dispersed, primitive camping - there are no facilities
  • Be sure to bring everything you need for meals, including to cook with (there are no common grills, tables, or seating) 
  • Alcohol at camp is OK - please be responsible and respectful. ABSOLUTELY NO DRINKING & DRIVING!
  • This is a family-friendly event!
  • Please print, sign, and bring this form with you to the event.





Saturday Trail Ride:

  • Scenic 50mi loop around the Kaibab NF with stops at several historic sites, including a cabin and petroglyphs
  • Difficulty: EASY. Stock high clearance vehicles should have no problem
  • We'll stop for lunch on a nearby mountaintop (9,500ft)
  • End of the trail allows easy access to downtown Williams for sightseeing!


ORP Blindfolded Navigation Challenge!

  • In this couples/team based game, the navigator guides their blindfolded drive around an off-road course using only common "spotting commands"
  • Will your co-pilot smash you into a tree? Can they keep you from running off the course? Let's find out!
  • Prizes for best times around the course!


Annual Salsa & Dip Contest:

  • *NEW - by popular demand, we are adding chip/veggie dip to the contest!
  • Enter your homemade salsa of chip.veggie dip!
  • Keep on ice until Saturday evening.
  • Offroad Passport will supply chips, and you're welcome to bring more.
  • EVERYONE come enjoy the chips and salsas/dips and PLEASE VOTE for the winners!
  • The salsa and dip will compete separately - prizes for the winners!


*NEW - 50/50 ORP Raffle:

  • New this year is a 50/50 raffle!
  • Tickets on sale Saturday afternoon/evening
  • Drawing Saturday evening
  • Tickets: $5 for 1 ticket, $20 for 5 tickets





  • We need EZ-Ups, folding tables, or other shelters. Please let us know if you can bring one for use in a common area.
  • Bring your corn hole or other lawn games to play at camp.
  • Be sure to stow and haul away your own trash.
  • Familiarize yourself with Offroad Passport's Pet Policy
  • Make a donation (see "Suggested Donation" info above).




Interested in joining in on the fun? Drop a comment below and let us know!

Planning to tent or RV/trailer camp? Please let us know that too for space planning.


  1. @theksmith
  2. @dzJeepChic & @Number7
  3. @4x4tographer & @Yodamom + 2 (RV) (Donation Received in Advance)
  4. @Bradywgn71 + 1 (RV) (Donation Received in Advance)
  5. @Trail Toy + 3
  6. @Curly + 1 (RV)
  7. @shellback91 (tent)
  8. @johnpa 
  9. @MzPriss (RV)
  10. @Shelley S + 1 (Overland Trailer)
  11. @Riddler +1 (RV)
  12. @We Just Go + 1 (Overland Trailer)
  13. @ob1jeeper & @Ladybug (RV)
  14. @lofreqjeff + 1 
  15. @gearhead
  16. @AZRNintheJeep242 (tent)
  17. @mesach
  18. @Lichen
  19. @mynr1
  20. @Eugene + 1 (RV)
  21. @K2man56 + 1
  22. @Alan + 2 (tent)
  23. @r.barraza
  24. @KtroubleA (Trailer)
  25. @Stacey and Scott


Tables & Pop-Ups Shelter Sign-Up:

  • 4x4tographer (folding table + pop-up + corn hole)
  • Curly (pop-up + table)
  • ob1jeeper (pop-up)
  • Riddler (pop-up + table)
  • MzPriss (2 pop-ups)
  • mynr1 (table + pop-up)
  • Eugene (table + pop-up + corn hole)




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Add Tim and Devon to the list please. We will be in our trailer.  We can bring a Pop up shelter and a table.


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Johnpa is in

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Posted (edited)

Me!  Probably RV. I have two pop


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Would love to join for our first meet up with you all. There would be two of us and two small pups in an overlanding trailer. 

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Count us in! Looking forward  to it. We'll be in an RV . We'll bring an easy up and table for the common area as well.   Oh and salsa of course :)

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Looking forward to this!

Fire Camping GIF

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Yes! Sounds like fun, please add us. We will camp with our Command Camp Trailer. Bringing salsa 🕺🏻💃🏻

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Ladybug & I are in as well.   Will have RV (providing repairs are finished by then...   OR will be tenting it...  LOL...) - Will bring a pop-up shade as well...

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Please add Katie and I to the attendees 

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