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OCT 16 & 17: Camp Verde To Mogollon Rim Overland Trip

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41 minutes ago, Ken Ford said:

Made it home myself with out issues. Finished unloading the TJ an hour ago.  I took the Leaf Blower and blew out the interior!  The dust was ridiculous!

Us older rigs didn't come with the luxury of Cabin Filters. Anyway,well worth it. I had a blast of a weekend and wanted to thank everyone for having me and Louie along.

Another great weekend with great folks and great views.  Thanks everyone for putting up with Louie. Hes all Bark and no bite but his under bite can be little intimidating :)   

  Really appreciate @shellback91 for all the pre-work putting the trip together. Still trying to learn how to use my Nav to pre-plan myself but I'm sure it takes alot of work putting the file together. Anyway, made for a relaxed weekend on my part just following his lead without a care in world.  Will be on the look out for more over night trips in the future.   Was nice to meet you @cullen McCarthy, heck of a nice rig you got going for you. With 35's it should be unstoppable. @MyNr1, glad we were able to get the sway bar issue resolved. Like Cullen, I was more worried about your drive home on Highway 87 more then anything.

As always, great hanging out with @Trail Toy & @Large_Marge. Apologize for not taking part in the Apples and caramel around the camp fire but to be honest, was completely exhausted and the two beers did me in. LOL. Anyway, always fun and laughs when hanging out with you two.  


Thanks again Everyone!

Good to met you too and thanks for joining us. Louie is a kick in the pants, it was good to meet him too and he is welcome anytime.

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12 minutes ago, Cullen McCarthy said:

It was great meeting all of you. I hope to do another run like that soon.


Great to meet you too, glad you enjoyed the run. Thanks for helping out with Al's issue when it happened and at the end of the run!  Your rig got a work out for sure, but performed well. I am eye balling a couple of overnighters in the future and some of the guys here may have some things coming up.

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