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American Coach: Our new home

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Most of you know we went full "nomad" phase in June 2021.  Thanks to the housing market we sold our home in Peoria and transitioned to RV fulltime status.    We were under contract in March on a 2008 American Tradition 42F but lost this in May to a very shady RV dealer in Sun City, AZ.  However, thanks to this fraud we saved 12K in sales tax and put that instead towards a bigger and better model.  In a weird twist, the owner of this 2008 RV contacted me via Facebook and didn't even know the dealer sold it out from under us and was trying to screw him on the price too.  Working together we held the dealer accountable and the owner got his full asking price.   So word to the wise, if buying an RV stick to a private party sale if possible or at a minimum never buy from the large well known consignment dealer in Sun City.


So what did we get you ask?  We ended up finding a private party sale for a 2010 American Tradition 45Y RV diesel pusher with 32,000 miles. It has the 425hp Cummins motor and the heavy spartan chassis that lets us tow 15K in weight. This RV retailed for $450K new and has all the extras. It was always parked in an airplane hanger so it looks new on the outside and the inside was in excellent condition.   We purchased a flatbed drive over fender trailer that can haul 14k in weight so our fat Jeep should fit just fine.  However, the RV is 45 feet long and trailer is 20ft plus hitch.  So we are going to be very long going down the road.  


So where the heck are you is the next question we get?  I lucked out and found a private lot in Rimrock, AZ on Craigslist of all places.  It is a one acre lot, with room for the dogs to run around, and we have full hookups.  We moved here in mid June and have been working on projects and upgrades.   Travel plans are a bit delayed right now as we get everything dialed in and wait on some income to come in.  However, we will be making it to Sand Hollow, St George, Utah in October for the first big trip.  After that plans are pretty flexible as I look for continued virtual work.  Another positive is we have the opportunity for a Chino Valley home base with the same owner of the Rimrock property.  So stay tuned for that.


This thread is to document the projects and upgrades for our RV.   Stayed tuned for more we have been very busy this past 2 months.



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I'm so happy for you guys and I think about you all the time!! Gosh that RV is super nice, not what I imagined at all. ;) 



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