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11/6/21 Schnebly Hill Rd. Near Sedona - Moderate

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Fun time on Schnebly Hill Road! Started on the road at 6am, got to see stars in the sky and the sun rise as we approached Sunset Point area. Love those moments, so gorgeous!


@d3lbort thanks for taking the picture of Marilyn & I at the vista view point! Your sister was a great conversationalist (unlike my two kiddos lol)! Hope you both had fun at the hike afterwards! 


@Christopher - was great meeting you both!! Thanks for the What3Words app recommendation!  I will be exploring that today! 


Thanks for joining us for lunch at the Golden Goose Doug, perfect patio dining weather! @dougnsue - nice meeting you and great conversation!  Hope to see you out on the trail again soon! 


@AZRNintheJeep242 - nice seeing you again!!! How was the new air setup? Didnt get a chance to touch base after the run! 


@We Just Go - thank you for sharing the history behind Schnebly Hill Rd & Sedona! I definitely need to do this before some of our runs, research!  So much interesting history all around us!!




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Where do I start!!😍 I am so happy I've made the decision to join your community and had such a great time on this trail run! The best part was meeting those of you who made it out - and your cute pups!  It was such a pleasure talking and getting to know each of you.. Desi also enjoyed being there and chatting and mentioned that you all were so nice! Thank you all so much for making my sister and I (and Diesel :) ) feel so welcome, for all the tips you've shared, and for all the help you've freely given along the way. I've already learned so much! Can't wait for the next one! I'll be joining the trail run in Bulldog Canyon 11/20 ;) You'll definitely be seeing more of me.


Have mention you all by name🥰


@Trail Toy Jason thank you for making us feel welcome from the get go, and all the information and tips! Plus airing up my tire and not charging me for it haha. You are a great leader

@Large_Marge My pleasure snapping those pics Sarah! Desi loved talking to you too! 

@AZRNintheJeep242 Darryl thank you for letting me use your CO2 to fill up. It works amazing.. what brand was is it again? 

@dougnsue Love how passionate you are about photography. One of my hobbies too!

@We Just Go  Rick & Sue and @Christopher Chris & Jody, enjoyed talking to you and meeting other off-road dogs! Little Gracie was just too cute... The pictures were also amazing Rick! Thank you!


Thank you all again. Can't wait to meet more of you friendly ORP people in the future. See you out on the trails!


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