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Sat 9/18/2021: Montana Mountain Loop: Trip REport

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Had a great time running the Montana Mountain Loop with Mr. & Mrs @Trail Toy (Sarah and the kids were in her Toyota) and Mr. Mrs. @AZLugz (Barb & Her mom were in Bill's Gladiator) yesterday. Overall this is a great trail with some epic views, great scenery and enough challenges to make it a fun day.  We started around 9:15 and were airing up around 3:30, I showed 33.5 miles at the air up spot. The research I did on this trail had it as Easy with the hardest parts being the switchbacks coming down when running clockwise.  The recent rains have done some damage because things have changed. We came to the consensus that this trail is Moderate with a few easy sections mixed in.


The ride up to the Rogers Trailhead turn off  was not too bad and was the easiest part of the day.  From that point forward things got interesting. Between there and the overlook before you head down there were several rutted and washed out sections, some were worse than others.  There were also some rocky sections along the way and a few rock obstacles that took some careful tire placement to get down or over. Patience was the name of the game navigating this section. I am not ashamed to say I had Jason spot me on one of the obstacles. The switchbacks along this part were also washed out in sections with boulders lining the sides that narrowed the trail a little.


Coming down the switchbacks was also interesting. These switchbacks are also washed out in sections, rutted and a little tricky to navigate. On a couple of them my rig got a little "tippy" when turning. Once down the trail is pretty mild.  One of the washes  had a tricky climb to get out of it but nothing too challenging. Most of the way was a little rocky but manageable.


I did not have my camera and my wife was not with me so I did not get any pictures unfortunately. 😭

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Since Sarah was busy driving she only grabbed a handful of pics, posted them on Facebook.  I was more than happy to help with spotting, had to spot Sarah several times as well being this is only her 2nd time taking her rig out.  Had a blast on this trail, as Marty mentioned this trail is a little more technical, I would rate it as a 2-3, which made it more fun to drive. 😎

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