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40 minutes ago, shellback91 said:

Sorry for the delay in responding  Mike/Ollie/Will E, I thought I replied but apparently I haven't. I am not sure if he owes me money, but if he does I will take it. 😄


I never got a chance to make one on of your VJC runs unfortunately, things always came up that prevented me from going.  Maybe I'll have better luck here.


I hope you have better luck here!   I posted up quite a bit on VJC but there wasn't much enthusiasm on the board for runs.  Nate is trying to get the board on line again and I offered to help with some of the computer stuff.   I have a small bit of experience in the SQL database it uses but no practical experience in the board software.   But it can't be too hard.   It's just a bummer that so many groups kinda migrated to facebook.    I am just happy this group seems to do a decent number of runs including camping trips.  


I will be posting a fair number of bulldog runs with perhaps a box canyon or something tossed in every once in a while.   I will be looking for weekends where nothing else is planned and probably just toss up a bulldog run with just a week or so notice.   The best part of Bulldog is it doesn't take the entire day like many of the other runs do.   I don't mind the all day trips but am going to try to get out every other weekend or so. 



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