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Really? A 12v oven?

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I often regret that shipping from australia is so expensive? I did detect an well working 12v oven.



I want it... Also when my roadlife did more consist out of Campfire and BBQ - baking the own bread, using the self sufficent solar power - sounds too nice...

The pricetag - is a bit crazy.


I did survice the last 10 years without Pizza during overlanding - but....


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Frankly it seems unlikely that a 12v 6amp oven can get hot enough to cook a pizza.   It only gets to 170 degrees. 


If you are looking for a less expensive alternative check out the 'hot logic' line up.




This is one of my wheeling/camping secret weapons for food, so don't tell anyone.   They have the same size that I linked to and a larger one that is 110v which is handy if you have an inverter or portable power pack like a jackery. 


It gets hot enough to cook food (about 150 degrees) and can be used for leftovers too.      I make all kinds of stuff.   Beer Brats with onions that I finish over the grill, casadilla, pulled pork, etc.   You can warm tortilla's in it, heat or keep  soup warm, chile, stew  or whatever.   You can make lasagna in it, nachos, etc.    I have the larger one I use when we make turkey in the desert.  I air fry the turkey and as I carve it I put it in the hot logic (the larger 110 volt version) to keep it warm (along with the drippings).   I hate cold turkey.   And it does a great job keeping stuffing, potatoes or whatever warm too.    You can make hollandaise/béarnaise  sauce ahead of time and then warm it back up when you need it.   Or if you want to warm veggies like corn it's set and forget.   At home we use it to warm plates/bowls,  it's great when you want warm plates/bowls for things like eggs,  tamales , pasta or if you like a warm plate for your steak (with a bit of butter melted). 


The hot plate part comes out so you can use it as a stand alone hot plate.  


It's kinda like a crock pot only it takes up less room  and is easier to pack. 


I am wheeling tomorrow so I am going to pick up some pulled pork and toss it in the hot logic in the morning.   By lunch it will be nice and warm.  I will toast some slider buns on my portable gas grill and then top with some home made cole slaw.   So yummy!  


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