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Offroad Passport Club's Official 2022 Event Lineup

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We’re excited to announce Offroad Passport Club's 2022 Event Lineup!


There are 15 official events on the 2022 itinerary! Many are multi-day overland style adventures that we're known for, along with day/night runs, meet-n-greets, and even community volunteer events. These cover trails ranging from easy to extreme, and are located primarily in Arizona though we'll also visit California and Utah again this year!


We're really proud of our community as nearly all of these events are organized by club members. The "official" designation just being that folks were willing to commit to leading their adventures well in advance so that other members can plan ahead. We also try to have a full year's worth of events on the calendar so prospective new members can see what a vibrant and active club this is!


Please note that most official club events are available only to Offroad Passport Club members, so if you haven't upgraded yet - don't miss out!





Quick event links:




Be sure to check the Upcoming Adventures page often for other shorter-notice trips too. There are already 8 events in addition to these scheduled for the next few months!


Finally, a big "Thank you!" to all the members that helped make this 2022 lineup possible!


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