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Trail Toy

2/26/22 Hieroglyphic Mountain Loop Near Lake Pleasant - Moderate to Difficult (3-5)

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Please join us for another fun off roading adventure.  This run will encompass the Hieroglyphic Mtn. Loop via Morgan City Wash.  We'll leave the meet up spot directly onto Morgan City Wash and take that for 5.13 miles until it intersects with Hieroglyph Mtn. Loop.  At that point we'll run the loop, approx. 17-18 miles, until it intersects with Morgan City Wash and then take that back out the way we came in to the meet up spot which will end the run.


This route has many highlights. Make sure to bring a camera for great desert scape photos. This trail takes you through sandy washes and up to the tops of roller coaster like peaks with breathtaking views. This is a very narrow trail when climbing the high peaks that give a bit of the pucker factor with little to no room for turn arounds.


This run is subject to cancellation/postponement due to weather, fires and/or closures, etc.


  • Technical Rating: 3-5 (moderate to difficult)
  • More info/pics here: trailsoffroad.com



  • A high clearance 4x4 with a low range transfer case option, suitable front & rear recovery point, aggressive 33" or larger A/T or M/T tires.  HIGHLY Recommend aftermarket skid plates, rock rails, sway-bar disconnects and a limited slip/locker
  • Ham radio on 462.700 Mhz 
  • GMRS channel 21 (462.700 Mhz)
  • Rigs & drivers must meet all the typical state/federal legal requirements for on-highway vehicles (license, insurance, registration, seat belts, lights, etc.)
  • AZ State Land Permit required: Link



  • Meet up time will be 9am, depart by 9:30am.  Meet up spot will be a dirt lot where Morgan City Wash starts. Map
  • Gas up beforehand, there are various places on the way, 1 full tank should be plenty
  • Run an estimated 28 miles, travel time estimated 4-6 hours



1 - @Trail Toy

2 - @Ken Ford

3 - @Rawhyd


  • Reply to this thread and I'll add you to the list.  There is no rig limit at this time.


Look for this sign at the meet up spot.



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Please sign me up!


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Please sign me up.

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