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Free HAM Radio Test Prep Book (best and easiest one on the market IMNSHO)

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Free to good home

My wife just completed her Technician License and no longer needs her dead tree edition of Craig "Buck" K4IA's "Pass Your AMATEUR RADIO Technician Class Test the Easy Way". The book is good for Technician License tests taken prior to July 1st 2022. It does show the wear of good (successful!) use.


It is (in my opinion) an easy read and tells you exactly what you need to know to pass the exam and not one bit more. It is written on Craig's philosophy that you should only ever study the correct answers and never have ever seen the wrong ones (the test is 100% multiple choice). The first part of the book is all the questions with correct answers only in story form written as his journey into and through HAM Radio. The second part of the book is just the questions and correct answers only as review.

I tell most people that you need only read this book cover to cover once and go immediately take the test. You will pass.


I used an older version of this same book to pass my Technician test and also an older version of his General License the Easy Way book to pass my general. 



image.png.6d1aa45ad3e3d20743207fb9086cb6ca.png  image.thumb.png.cc9a0f440630110d2fc34c70ba78a116.png


Parting note, the wonderful guys from the Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club (W7TBC) offer the tests for free on a monthly basis.

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