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i picked up this Grizzly 36" x 24" welding table with the 2" grid of 16mm holes and found it to be very handy.




unfortunately they stopped selling this version, but they still have the same top on a folding base with the Grizzly T28931.


i added the double-locking casters myself. Grizzly actually does sell a cart version, but it only has a 12 gauge steel top...




this one, and the folding version, are both 9 gauge (5/32 in) and i would consider that about the minimum for even a hobby-level table. IMO, anything less is going to easily warp from mild welding heat, and may even bend near the holes just from the clamps.


i also added 3 bolts down the center of the table to help keep it true, as it was only attached around the perimeter.







for use with the holes grid, i bought (2) of each of the following accessories from BuildPro on Amazon.





the plier style clamps quickly became my go-to - they are super quick and easy to use. i plan to purchase a couple more in their larger 6-1/8" Throat Depth version soon.




the tall clamps lean over a-lot when used with this table. i think they would work better on a thicker-topped pro level table.




i haven't really needed the stops for anything yet, but I'm sure they'll come in handy for odd-shaped work pieces.




here's @4x4tographer making use of the table for a quick hold-down of a piece he needed to cut with the grinder:







i feel like this 5/32" top is fine for welding and clamping 1/8" steel on, or small sections of thicker stuff. that should be good for the type of things i typically build - i.e. antenna brackets or other small doohickeys, roof racks, jerry can mounts, exhaust tubing, etc.


if you're trying to make rock sliders or full bumpers, you'd likely want something heavier duty.


overall i'm quite happy with the purchase and i'd definitely recommend anyone looking for a welding table get one with the holes grid!





this purchase was inspired by seeing Northern Tool's similar Klutch Welding table & fit-up kit. i decided against that one because there were a number of reviews saying it arrived with a wavy or otherwise not flat/true top. also, the included clamps aren't actually the quick-insert kind, you have to screw in a knob from under the table to hold them in place.


if you're looking for a professional welding table at an affordable price, i've heard good things about the DIY Certiflat tables available from WeldTables.com. they have regular flat tops and 3D "FabBlock" tops that range from 3/16" to 3/8" thick, or you can get a full kit with the legs from them as well.










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Good looking table Kris.   Your modifications are a great addition.  I especially like the added fasteners and casters.  


Nice review and write up, as always.

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