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Castle Hot Springs Road Closure Attempt

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I recieved an email this morning from AzBackroads.com about Castle Hot Springs Road. The resort is now reopened after being closed for a long time. The new owners of the Castle Hot Springs Resort want to erect a gate on either end of the property because they do not like the traffic going through there. They propose a bypass that will need to be built etc.. The road has been there since the late 1800's and is protected by the mining act of 1865. In a nutshell it "granted Western Settlers the basic human right to freely pass over public lands and establish those paths as highways.".


AZBackroads has provided a good write up on the history of the area along with a place to submit comments to Yavapai county if you feel so inclined.  That information can be found here. I think it is pretty crummy of the owners to think they can change access to that road. They had to have known the road was there to begin with.





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