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Charles and I are running bulldog on Sunday

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1 hour ago, WILL E said:

A nice run today.   Short but sweet.   We had a couple of nice chats and then relaxed  under the shade of a tree and enjoyed lunch.  The wind was a bit gusty but not too bad and it kept the flying pests away.    I always enjoy the seat time and the company today was superb.    I might try to sneak another run in before it gets too hot.

 Dyna and I had a great time today with Mike, Charles and Zoe.  I learned my lesson with Mike, don't bring too much of your own food 😉, he told me but I didn't listen.  I will say it's not often you get three IT guys together and the discussion doesn't end up making Dyna fall asleep but I think we did a pretty good job today not talking shop too much. 

Bulldog Canyon May 2022.jpg

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25 minutes ago, Trail Toy said:


The past couple runs we went on with Mike we brought NO food as we knew what to expect. 🤣  Always fun times and great food running trails with Mike. 😎


I am running out of  my best trail foods for you.  Today we had spicy asian cocktail ribs as the appetizer . 


When the time comes  you will enjoy them.  


I   have about 10 things I do but I do them well. ;)    My hot dogs are Zoe approved. :)

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