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Rice Peak via FR 29 - March 2022

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Hi Everyone!

We finally got a new video of a trail/trip report uploaded on our tiny YouTube channel! Rice Peak via FR 29. We also published a blog post on our website if you prefer to read about our Rice Peak adventure and additional information that we did not mention in the video. Now that I got this one done, I can finally start editing our very first ORP club ride - Squaw Peak To Bloody Basin Rd led by @shellback91. 😊


Please give us a watch and feel free to share any feedback on what you would like to see in our future videos and what kind of information you would like us to include.

YouTube Link (available to watch in 4K!)


Blog Post with additional details and photos:















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Great video, thanks for sharing!

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54 minutes ago, shellback91 said:

Great video, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for watching and the kind words!

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