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I’m going to post a series of photos of a big horn ram that I encountered on the South Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon last month.


I was headed up, almost finished with a shift, a few switchbacks from the top in a section we refer to as “the chimney“ when heard a few rocks rolling down.  
I looked up a small side cut in the canyon wall and a big horn Ram stepped out on to the trail about 25 feet in front of me!  I started to back down the trail and the Ram thankfully headed up the next switchback.


This was taken when I got my phone out of my pocket and backed a safe distance away.   Note the two hikers headed downhill. 



Ram is headed up the hikers are  headed down and I’m trying to warn the hikers without spooking the ram.?hash=bc1afb041844e1105c7f4ba53e2fde85


This photo is a bit deceptive.  It doesn’t really show that the canyon wall sticks  out a bit and the hikers can’t yet see the ram



Now they see each other!?hash=bc1afb041844e1105c7f4ba53e2fde85


The Ram politely gives up the trail to the hikers and steps off?hash=bc1afb041844e1105c7f4ba53e2fde85.


He's now headed for a shady overhang that’s not so crowded.?hash=bc1afb041844e1105c7f4ba53e2fde85


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These are awesome!!


Reminds me of the hikes I'd do with my parents when I was a kid going up the Palm Canyon Trail in the Anza Borrego State Park.  Used to see heards of Big Horn Sheep all of the time on that trail.


Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! Close encounters are so exciting! Glad that ended well.

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