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English Al

Mogollon Rim 7-16-22

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Good meeting everyone!


We ended up the day at the farthest south point of milk ranch road and camping there. 








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We did some exploring on the Mogollon Rim yesterday starting at the east end of Rim Rd.(FR 300). Most of us ended our day on the west end of Rim Rd, some continued on to do more exploring. We covered over a little over 65 miles.  The weather was a little warmer than expected but it was still a beautiful day with no rain.  Most of the attendee's were members that I met for the first time which was awesome. Most of the trails were easy to moderate with nothing too challenging. We did not see much traffic all day until we hit Rim Rd and headed west. Then it was a crazy afternoon with the usual SxS's driving like maniacs and a few other groups. Awesome day, thanks everyone for coming along!


Those in attendance were:

@Trail Toy & @Large_Marge  @English Al  @ZR2-Ben  @Jbjr


The eastern section of RIM Rd. to Buck Springs Ridge (137) was uneventful. We took Buck Springs Ridge (137) north to FR96. We stopped at the Buck Springs cabins to do a little exploring.  Jason,Sarah  and I were there last October on an overland run but they were worth checking out again.




From Buck Springs Ridge (137) we took FR96 west to East Clear Creek where we turned south/south west to FR 139G where we turned south. This trail has a big tree that has fallen over the main trail. The way around is turning on FR 95B/UBar Trail then make an immediate left. It is easy to spot.  FR 139G is a little narrower, has some minor obstacles that are easy and my observation was that this trail does not see much traffic.  We visited and old homestead that only had the chimney & log barn left. There is also a spring  named "Aspen Spring" there that feeds a small creek. We parked on the trail and hiked down(As far as I know the road down is closed to motorized traffic), it was worth the hike. FR 139G runs into Dick Hart ridge which we took south to Rim Rd. where we headed west to the trails end.






The rim has great views from just about anywhere.







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And Remember kids, only you can prevent forest fires. 🙂


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