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Trip Report 7/29/22: Night Run South of Lake Pleasant

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Had an awesome night out with the ORP fam on a night run through an area near Lake Pleasant.


MASSIVE THANKS to @gearhead for organizing the trip - I know you couldn't make it - but wanted to give you a shout-out man! I hope you're feeling better.


Got to meet new members @Scott Miller+Kim and @Jeep XO, which was awesome. It's always fun running the trails with new friends! Speaking of friends, @Stacey and Scott are always a joy to hang out with - then of course there is @theksmith+Brady. 😎


We all met up just outside the Wild Horse on Lake Pleasant Blvd to air down. The weather was nice, a little muggy, but a heck of a lot cooler than it's been all summer. We dipped down to about 89 degrees, which was an absolute joy (and I never thought I'd say 89 was a good temp - but... Arizona). Off in the distance we could see some monsoon storms dropping lighting as far away as Prescott and Payson, which was cool.


Trail conditions were pretty good. Bumpy in spots with a few moderate obstacles that required some careful navigation. 


Here are some photos from the evening:


A brief stop to check out the views after we climbed a ridge shortly in to the trail. @Scott Miller's shiny JL in the foreground.



@Stacey and Scott's rig looking feisty:



@theksmith's Gadget longing for a sunset:



Brady's sweet 2 door with a brand new bumper:



Big hole in the ground. Kim was contemplating the best line to take to get down it.



@Jeep XO checking out the drop.



The line-up. The sun was starting to drop pretty quickly behind the mountains.







@Stacey and Scott lighting things up!



@Jeep XO in one of the cleanest TJ's I've ever seen



One last sun-set shot!




All in all, I had a great night out. Not a terribly long trip - just the right amount of time for a Friday night to get us all out of the house for a few hours!


Already looking forward to the next run - Hope to see you all again soon!

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Glad you all had a good time!  I'm sorry I missed it.  Thanks to everyone who helped lead, spot, tail-gun, etc.!  🙂


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Hey All,


As usual, a great run and an awesome time!  Thank you Christopher and Ryan for leading us and keeping us safe!  Kim and Scott, and Michelle, welcome to the family, it was really nice to meet you guys and we look forward to seeing you all on the next lap.


Here are the pics...enjoy!      https://photos.app.goo.gl/rtJke2FQ34fQ74vy5


Stacey and Scott (classic :)

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