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Trailgater Tailgate Table

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As part of my upcoming project to re-design the rear storage and sleeping situation in my Jeep, I bit the bullet an went with the "premium" Trailgater table with bamboo cutting board from Outback Adventure Products.


They're pretty pricey if you buy them direct - $479 for the configuration I went with. However Northridge 4x4 had a SMOKING deal on them for $379 + a free magnetic strip for the backsplash to hold utensils or knives (a $32 add on from Outback Adventure). So I figure that's 25% savings on the total package. Not bad.


Install was extremely simple, and would take most folks about 20 minutes from start to finish. You simply pry off your tailgate trim, install some blind nuts, then mate the whole thing up with a Phillips screw driver.





Overall, the table is very low profile with folded and stowed. About 2" of space used.





The design uses and aluminum backsplash, a stainless steel table surface, and a bamboo cutting board. The latches are nice and support 1 handed operation - a plastic "silencer" doubles as a latch to make it easier to open the table up when your hands are full.




Here's the table fully deployed - before I installed the magnetic knife holder.




Here's the magnetic mount, essentially an Ikea product they modified for their application.





Shot of the tailgate with the trim removed. The Trailgater mates up to the fastener slots around the perimeter of the tailgate and uses 2 bolts on the right-hand side.




The Trailgater is replacing my old Tuffy Lockbox, which has served me well for the last 3 years. It's still in pretty good shape - my overall plans for the rear end have simply changed since I bought it.



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