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I Found A Classic Jeep

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My wife and I were in  Santa Rosa/Healdsburg/Russian River Valley wine country out in CA over the holiday weekend and I came a cross a classic Jeep. We stopped by the Hook & Ladder Winery and they had a Jeep FC-170 that was converted to a fire truck.  This thing was pretty dang cool.  I could not get inside to take pictures of the interior but from what I saw it was pretty neat. I found an article on Motor Trend that gives a brief history on these models. Apparently they were built by the Willys Overland corporation back in the day. This particular model of FC(Forward Control) Jeep was built using a 103.5-inch-wheelbase chassis that was similar to 104-inch Willys Wagon chassis. This rig is a true 4x4 Jeep which I found pretty damn cool.  It's engine provided a whopping 105 horsepower!  I did not manage to get the year of this beast, I was too far into the wine to think to ask. 😆









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Very pretty. I saw one at overland expo last year that was immaculate (altho not stock). They were pretty cool vehicles for sure!

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