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Beautiful Nevada

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Inside the Berlin mill....a 30 stamp mill complete with concentrating table and rifling table....IMG_9876.thumb.JPG.bcd0b402adcfe9a6f16083b86cfa099f.JPG


Looking back into Berlin and its homes that are here.  This is a state park, and well preserved.  IMG_9873.thumb.JPG.92ee2dc4cee3d78155f01a3c2af90f58.JPG


We couldn't get to the town of Union, so headed over to Grantsville next.  An old adobe building from the 1860s.IMG_9915.thumb.JPG.ccaf9814ff3385af34855614bf0d52b8.JPG


And their most impressive mill.  Talk to me if you want more details about some of these!  Many of these mills were stamp mills, or ball and rod mills, and/or included cyanide leaching tanks or mercury rifling tables, etc etc....IMG_9924.thumb.JPG.96e5a8afe41a687b3e89a98cc429bee4.JPG


From the old mill, looking down on the trail.  The assayers office is the building shown.  It actually still contained labeled bags of samples!IMG_9926.thumb.JPG.0036b1da3438ea03e0809d2e88ef8190.JPG


The remains of the stamp mill at Grantsville.IMG_9929.thumb.JPG.84a7b58faefac2b51056ad6fcae75042.JPG

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And my final for tonight...the last town of this day was Ellsworth.





And on our way back to camp...a real treat to see!



Good night from Nevada!  A Land of Wonder and Vastness and Really Cool Stuff!

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More pictures will come when I get home and have some internet service!

We are on our way home....1500 miles in our RV, 1300 in Gracie...from Wickenburg AZ to Baker NV.

Over 20 ghost towns (of more than 600 in this state) - 18 days so far.

It has been absolutely astounding!  2 RVs, 2 tenting families - and we are all still great friends!

Edit to add that we saw alot of wild horses, pronghorns, and burros! 

3 Dutch oven dinners, 2 Dutch oven cobblers, and Brownies and ice cream.... All my hair dye is about gone, and the grey is showing through, but oh what an adventure!! 

Pics later!

smiles, ladybug


ps - next year?  New Mexico or Utah....

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