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Update: FR 354 washout --N. Az Traverse 2021

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In August of 2021 Ryan ( @4x4tographer ) led a group on a tour of N. Az., along the Jerome Perkinsville road.  We came upon a washout on FR 354 that was too big to cross, so we had to backtrack quite a ways to get around it.  Yesterday, a friend who lives here in Cottonwood ran the trail and made it all the way through.  He says the road closed signs are still up facing one way, but not the other. From the pics, it looks like someone took it upon themselves to fill in the washout.  Whether they replaced the culvert isn't clear, but the road is passable again.

Here is what he told me " The signs are still on the North side going South but gone from the South side going North. We went North and only saw signs right at the washout but they were down, off to the side and heavily damaged. Not sure FS did the rough bypass but it works."


Pic of the washout, repair on the left side of the pic.





Link to original trip report: https://offroadpassport.com/forums/topic/5930-820-8212021-northern-arizona-overland-traverse-photos-trip-report/




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