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Coleman OneSource Rechargeable Camping Lights

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Wanted to share a nifty little purchase I made and got to use on the recent Rug Road overland adventure. I stumbled across these Coleman OneSource Rechargeable Camping Lights while surfing the Amazon and figured they'd make for some nice area and ambient lighting. I picked up my set for $80 from the 'Zon.


The OneSource concept is pretty neat - basically Coleman is making a rechargeable "core battery" with significant capacity. The battery can be hot swapped to a range of Coleman products, such as these LED string lights, 3 different styles of lantern, 2 different flashlights, a nifty camping fan, portable speaker, a "Dust Buster", and a mattress inflator.


The battery and most of the products are IPx4 water resistant. The battery also has a small LED flashlight built into it, and has a USB port for charging your phone or other portable device. Additionally, you can charge it via a USB-C cable and it even has a charge level indicator.


Here's a stock photo of the LED String Light kit I purchased. The wiring is sheathed in a sort of nylon that is tangle resistant and a little more protective than just bare wiring. In using it, it was pretty easy to quickly deploy the lights with no snags or tangles. Additionally, they provide 3-4 plastic hooks in-line on the wiring for different hanging options. The lights just coil around the battery base into a small package that will fit in a cupholder in your rig, or stow away in pretty much any cubby you have available.





Each LED pod has 2 LEDS in it with a warm white color. It has variable brightness control and can go from 25 lumens to 250 lumens. The battery life is crazy efficient, with 25 lumens delivering NINTY HOURS of run time and 250 lumens running for 9 hours on the max brightness setting. That's pretty crazy.


You can see them in action on this shot in relatively bright twilight, just after sunset.




Similar shot a few hours later and much darker. I believe I had these on "max" brightness.




The lights cast a nice diffuse light over the area, which I personally prefer to squinting into the bright light cast by a typical lantern. I think this makes it a lot easier on the eyes since the light source is spread out over the entire length of the lighting strand. The light is plenty bright for cooking, setting up camp, or just hanging around. For "mood lighting" you can simply dim them down to 25 lumens and leave them on all friggin' night if you want and still have plenty of juice left on the battery.




In the below photo, we were camping at the base of the Aravaipa canyon, with the walls about 50-60 feet from my rig.




There are several competing lights out there for less money - such as the MPOWERD (20hrs, 100 lumens, 18ft 20 LEDs) or the EENOUR (10-12hrs battery, 100 lumens, 18ft 20 RGBw LEDs, solar).


However, once I compared features I ended up with the Colemans - primarily due to the battery life (9 to 90 hours), length of the strand (20ft), and number of LEDs (38 total), and what I felt would be better long-term build quality.

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thanks for posting Ryan! i'd been considering the Luci (MPOWERD) ones myself - nice to have other options to look at.

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