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locking hub knob turny tool thing

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the knobs on my new Teraflex SlimLock hubs are a PITA to turn. i'm sure they'll break-in and be fine, but currently they're too tight for my standard-issue human fingers.




so my neighbor 3D printed a little tool for me to use! the design file was free to download from GrabCad.




the author says the design works with the older Teraflex "cross" style knob as well. it's just big enough to get some actual grip, making turning the knob much easier.




there are people on Etsy selling similar tools for Warn and Ford hubs too, as well as a universal design.


after playing with this little thing a bunch of times, my hubs are already starting to ease up a bit - so i may not need it long term. but i thought such a simple inexpensive tool would be great for anyone with arthritis or other issues that make it difficult to grip intricate stuff.


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