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4-Tire Compressor Mod

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What fluids are better? or perhaps ported vs manifold vacuum.  (old guy joke)

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I built my own 4-tire harness out of Amazon sourced parts.



  • I don't use it to deflate because I already have field tunable deflators that are fairly easy and quick. in this case the harness neither saved time nor made it significantly easier
  • I do use the harness to inflate using a 14CFM dual output portable compressor, it doesn't really save time for inflation strictly speaking, but I have freedom to roam and chat or do other post ride stuff on the Jeep while inflating.
  • Using the four tire harness satisfies my OCD about having the same pressure in each tire on pavement.
  • If anyone else needs an inflate, having them pull up to the front of my rig makes their inflation go super fast after I finish mine.
    • My pump has a 100% duty cycle as compared to most portables that have 33% duty cycles.



  • It is actually composed of two independent two-tire harnesses, so I can use only half the system at once if I need to (say a damaged chuck or split hose)
    • The split system also takes advantage of my main pump's dual output plenum for maximum CFM out
    • 3/8" hose for high airflow
    • Each leg can go from the nose of the vehicle where the pump is likely to sit to the rear tire of a Gladiator with a safe amount of slack
      • I have three jeeps I move this back and forth between, including a Gladiator.
    • Normally closed chucks incase on pops off a valve stem
    • Each half harness has a source-end shutoff valve to allow for connecting to tires before the pump, or for deflation usage.
  • Each half has a port for the other half to plug-in in case I need to use a single output compressor
    • This also is how I intended to support 4-tire balanced deflation
  • Each half has a built-in air gauge, one half has a digital (easy, precision quick read), the other an analog (in case of a dead battery)
  • I have adaptors for common single output air compressors, male, female, 1/4, 3/8
    • I have three portable pumps in my collection and none of them have the same output port
    • Also useful if my pump blows up in the field and I need to borrow someone else's
  • I actually built two separate split harnesses (4 two-tire legs) for around $100-ish each in hose related parts
    • I spent more buying some custom tools I did not already have
    • Two total setups because the best value in 3/8 hose at the time was more than twice as much hose as I required for one harness. And I was only a few part short of the second full setup when I finished the first.
    • Doesn't include the cost of the four bags each leg is stored in.


Why yes I am an OVER Engineer. What made you ask?


If you don't have the tools (nor time), the costs of a pre-built kit is not a huge amount more and generally worth it. As long as it is designed to meet your specific needs. But to have the flexibility I have, they will nickel and dime you to death, split usage, dual output air pump support, various size and gender adaptors, digital/analog gauge redundancy and such. I do recommend paying attention to the core hose size and the flow size of any harness plenums. It kinds sucks to have a distribution system can can't distribute the maximum air flow your 4 valve stems could all take at once. I like to make sure the valve stems are the limiting factor.


At some point I am going to build an air harness into the vehicle frame, at least the core distribution system to each wheel/corner. Mainly because I am lazy, and this is easier even if I continue to use a portable pump. But if you truly want to save time, this is the only way to go. Getting the full harness out and putting it away kills any time you same in being able to pump once.

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On 2/5/2023 at 5:26 PM, WILL E said:

What fluids are better? or perhaps ported vs manifold vacuum.  (old guy joke)

I get it!  LOL

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