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04WJ grand cherokee vs. 07XK commander?

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ive got it in my head that i need a commander? i do need more room and the 3rd row seat option. anyone have any opinions as far as where the 3.7 and 4.7 are concerned?


anyone have one of these or knows a little more about them? ive been re-searching them pretty good lately and test drove both versions? im leaning toward the 4.7 since its the same engine i have know isn't it? the hemi is just not in the picture.


what about the sunroof(s)? anyone heard or know anything about them? i found a site that a few people said that some had a problem with massive leaking in them in the cabin? with it closed and not in crazy rain storms too?


im just getting tired of my WJ? im always tinkering with it? not that i wouldn't be doing that to my next jeep! haha


im trying to steer clear from most types of rockcrawlling and starting to get into the whole excusion type of stuff.


i like the idea of having double the capacity to hold more stuff (with the 3rd row down) and knowing i could lay the seats down and sleep in the back if need be as well with everything in there and my dog(s) in there as well?


i know the mpg isnt all that great in them? but it would seem i can get a smidge better than what i already do? that is until i get the bug and lift it. but that would be down the line for a good while?


if i got one, id most likely get something like bfg at/s and lockers? and keep it to a minimum due to the fact that i have a lot of road trips lined up.


guess im just looking for opinions good or bad?


don't get me wrong. i love my WJ i just need more room! this will be my daily driver and i want something i can go anywhere in when i get "bored"



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well it's a little big for the trails, but not impossible by any means. if you really need more room then it sounds like you don't have a lot of options.


i think it will have similar abilities as far as tire size and maybe just a little less aftermarket support than the WK. the WJ is just starting to really get some aftermarket following, just a little anyway, the WK/XK platform is newer and less so i think. you are also moving to IFS... so that has it's own pros/cons. one good thing is it's massive wheel wells.


like you said though, if you don't want to tackle really tough trails, the commander should be just fine on mild expeditions and would certainly give you an advantage on storage space.


look up the AEV commander... not sure if they made a version for sale for a while or if it was just a prototype, but look at what they did with it and that will give you a good idea of what is possible.


oh and check this thread as well to see some possibilities, people are definitely modding them: http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f67/wk-xk-picture-thread-318023/

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I have a 2007 Commander with the HEMI. Mine is relatively stock -- although fully loaded -- except for some more agressive, slightly larger tires.


I have the sunroof with the CommandView rear skylights and have had no problem with it. There were some models that had water issues due to a blocked drain seal. I believe there was a TSB that addressed that.


The 3rd row might work if you have kids, but not really suited for adults due to limited leg room. There is no place for real footwells due to the solid row axle. I folded my third row down the first day I got it and I have only lifted it back up in place once in the four years. I know some people have removed the third row and put a pull out storage cabinent in it's place. With the second and third row both folded, you should be easily able to fit one of those Coleman SUV air mattresses.


AEV never moved beyond their concept for the Commander. When the JK came along they moved almost exclusively to that as it was giving them more business than they could keep up with. There are lots of 2 - 2.5" budget boosts out there and then there is the Superlift 4" kit that AEV used for their WK and XK concepts. You need to get the AEV ProCal unit if you are doing any of the lifts or much larger tires or you will get driven nuts by the BAS/ESC/ABS/TPMS sensors.


For bigger tires, you will most likely need to change the wheels to something with a different backspacing. There is a nut in the front suspension design that will rub against the tire if you go with anything larger than a 245/70R17 tire on a stock wheel. This is the size of tire I have on mine.


You aren't going to find any lockers for them, but if you aren't doing rock crawling and get a Quadra-Drive II-equipped model you really don't need lockers. The Quadra-Drive II (front and rear electronic limited slip differentials) have been ranked by several of the off road magazines as one of the best all around 4WD systems in a stock vehicle.


One thing to note about the 3.7L, I think it was available with a Quadra-Trac I system, which has NO LOW RANGE. You definitely want either the Quadra-Trac II or the Quadra-Drive II.


You can see pics of mine here: http://www.rubicontrail.net/gallery.aspx?gallery=2007_jeep_commander

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