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2024 Wrangler JL will get a "mid-cycle refresh"

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The 2024 Wrangler JL (and Gladiator JT?) will get a mid-cycle refresh, much like the Wrangler JK did in 2012/13. 


Autoblog article here...


The new recovery package with a factory installed winch sounds pretty cool, as well as the new heavy duty rear axle for increased tow rating. I'm eager to see the interior changes as well.



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A post refresh review of the updated lineup: https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/cars/reviews/2024-jeep-wrangler-review-a-refreshing-refresh-44501635


I am sad that the factory winch is 8k instead of 10k, but 8k is correctly sized if you leave the Jeep as-was stock. I am also sad that the new radio screen sacrifices the previously high placed center air vents. The original JL center vents were perfectly placed to keep dash mounted electronics, phone, GPS, etc... nice and cool in the hot Arizona sun. I would have rather they increased screen size by modifying the lower console controls and using a tall screen instead of a wide one like they did in the RAMs. 


Upside, you get TrailsOffroad built in now, and up to 5k tow rating, good for these fattening overland trailer configs coming out nowadays. 

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