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Need help finding some ruins.

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I was looking over some historic TOPO maps and noticed an area marked ruins on  a 1936 Camp Verde map.  I noticed that they are near T Bar and Apache Maid cabins so I set out looking for them on Google earth.

See red circle and arrow



Here is a google earth image of the area




 I noticed this curved area of rock in the general area of the ruin, but that is all I can find.  It doesn't look natural when compared to the surrounding area, but as a ruin it makes no sense either. 




Anyone here able to get a better read on the location from the Topo map?

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i think the rounded area you are seeing is just natural rock formation.



the little square next to the word "RUINS" is only about 250ft wide by 100ft tall. so the ruins may be too small to see from any aerial/sat photos. my guess is they were just very small scattered stuff and that's why the newer USGS nor FS topo maps included the notation.


also, there are very short cliffs right in that spot, about 8 to 10ft tall (just before the major drop off into the canyon) - so there could just be little adobe walls in some alcove of one of those.


ScreenShot 2023-05-29 at 12.33.16.png


ScreenShot 2023-05-29 at 12.33.31.png



zooming in further, the only thing i can see from a sat map that *might* be human made is this little white/gray area that is at the bottom right of where the marker rectangle was drawn on the topo. i can't make that out and it could just be light colored rock.


ScreenShot 2023-05-29 at 12.35.02.png



sounds like a short hiking opportunity to me!

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did you get to look for them on your trip?

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No, I didn't.  For some reason, my phone wouldn't display Gaia maps Saturday morning, and I didn't have my Tablet because Bumble isn't set up for it. Also, I thought it would be rude on my part to ask Marty to change his plans for the run.


However................... I went to Montezuma castle earlier in the week and they had a map showing that there are ruins and 2 'forts' right in that area.  Then, I saw a reference to Topo maps on Gaia and that led me to what I think is the location.

This pic shows where I thought the ruins  might be with Gaia's location on the left.  The Curved wall might be one of those 'forts".





This pic is a close up of the Gaia location. I'm pretty sure those right angles among those trees.




I'll find some time to get up there and check it out.

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