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3DMatsUSA Kagu/MaxPider All Weather Floor Mats

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After 150K+ miles, my heel finally wore a hole in my Jeep Wrangler JK's Mopar rubber floor mats (just beneath the send-it pedal)! I wanted something with higher sides for my next set, and decided to try the Kagu all-weather mats from 3D Mats USA.


I bought these on Amazon, here's the link to the ones for Jeep JK, JL/JT, and the 4XE. They have them for a fair number of other vehicles too.




I've had them for about 5 months and they seem just as durable as any other. They do come clean easier than those previous rubber mats with just a spray from the hose - dried mud doesn't seem to stick in them as badly.


The main thing I really like about these is that they don't "pucker" on the outer edge. I read a bunch of reviews of other brands, even big names like Husky Liners and Weathertech, that showed pictures of the tall sides folding in a bit where they stick up. These don't seem to have that problem and they really do fit like a glove.




The only potential downside I noticed is that the rears don't have as high of sides as some other brands, so they won't really hold much water/mud in the back. I'd consider these sort of a hybrid between nicer looking carpet mats and full on work-duty plastic/rubber mats.


I'm fond of their unique appearance though... IMHO, they seem more refined looking than the aggressive tire-tread style Mopar mats.


The mats are made of TPR and XPE primarily, which are just modern types of rubbery feeling plastics. The under-side is their proprietary MaxPider material which looks like a bunch of fine plastic hairs and helps the mats lock in place on the factory carpet. The materials don't seem to produce any stinky off-gassing, and didn't need time to "lay flat" either.




I'll certainly update this thread if they start to wear out prematurely, but so far they seem like a solid choice for all-weather/rubber style vehicle floor mats (for Jeeps or otherwise).


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