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SOLD: Husky Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

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Selling our Husky Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control. We've only used it 3 times and have no need for it since we purchased a coach.


$200 ORP Special Price 🙂

Willing to meet in the North or West valley.


  • Model: #30849
  • Rating: 
    • Hitch tongue weight rated up to 1,200 pounds
    • Gross trailer weight 12,000 pounds
  • Includes:
    • Hitch with 2 5/16 ball and 10" shank
      • 8" of vertical adjustment
      • I also have a 2" ball I'm happy to include
    • 2 round load bars with chains
    • 2 load bar brackets
    • 1 sway control arm with trailer a-frame ball mount
  • You can read the full specs from the manufacturer here: https://www.huskytow.com/husky-towing-30849-weight-distribution-hitch


I used this to tow 3 different trailers to the ORP Gala over 3 years. On the Wrangler, this hitch made a massive difference, especially with the squishy suspension and towing at the JL Unlimited's 3,500 lbs towing capacity (350 lbs tongue). It kept the Jeep nice and level, moving some of the load off the rear axle and onto the front axle and brakes. The ride was confident with zero sway on the I17 at 65-70mph (I never used the sway control arm).







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Photos of the various rigs towed with this setup.


The RPOD 179 - light weight at 3,000 lbs wet. Note how level the overall setup is.



The heaviest of them all - The Micro Winnie weighting in at 3,900lbs wet (over capacity).




Starcraft Satellite @ 3,500 lbs wet.



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