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Casner Mountain-July 2023 Trip report

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A small group and I just completed a Casner Mountain run. We had some warm but enjoyable weather all day.  It was good to see some familiar faces and meet some members for the first time. I enjoyed teh day out and hop eevery one else did too.

A big shout out to @MzPriss and Bill for tail-gunning, I appreciate it!

Those in attendance were:

@MzPriss  @LaZorraRoja  @Sputternutz  @Dcoleaz


The road to the Casner Mountain trail was pretty uneventful. Casner Mountain trail itself was a little different. The road to the gate was indicator of things to come. Lots of wash outs, ruts and pretty rocky to the gate. Along the way we were joined by a whole bunch of grasshoppers that made themselves known. They liked hanging out on my windshield and side windows, which wound up creeping my wife out. 🤣


The switchbacks on the way up are pretty chewed up, rocky and rutted in multiple places now. It was still a fun ride up to the top with views that were good indicators of teh elevation gains we were making.  Because of the conditions I kept the pace a little slower and kept a better eye on the turns. Once at the top we stopped and took in the views, all of which are amazing.  The ride along the ridge-backs that divide Sycamore Canyon on the west  from the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness on the east always has some spectacular views. We stopped along the way and took in the views directly across from Sycamore Point. Overall once we got up top the trail is in relatively good shape, nothing too challenging.


Once we reached the end of Casner we meandered our way across FR 538 where we found a nice shady spot near Power Tank for lunch.  We had lunch there while being serenaded by a herd of cows that were hanging out.  After lunch we made our way out across multiple trails through various types of terrains finally taking FR 237 and ending at I-17 early in afternoon.


Thanks again to those who joined us today!




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The views were awesome. Thanks for another great run. So happy to find that Mrs Shellback really isn’t a figment of your imagination 🤣


Some Pics from the day. 










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Nice pics!

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Wow Leigh.  You got some gorgeous pics for sure...   thanks for sharing...  ;)

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