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Irish Rigs

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Just returning from a massive trip through London and throughout Ireland. In Ireland we rented a car and a series of AirBnB - traveling the Wild Atlantic Way, the Ring of Kerry, and the countryside in south/central Ireland. 


Along the way I spotted a few interesting 4x4 rigs and wanted to share what some of the Irish are driving. 



Mitsubishi Pajero - Gen 2. I had the pleasure to spend a lot of time around these when we were stationed in Okinawa and love these (lots of really neat little off-roaders in Japan - including the Hillux, Delica, Jimny, Samurai).


This specimen was spotted just feet from the Cliffs of Kerry and looked well-loved. 





Mitsubishi Pajero, 4th Gen. This one was in downtown Dublin.





I've never seen a 2 Door (modern) Land Cruiser before. This bad boy was a turbo diesel and sounded like an absolute animal.





This VW camper van was a brand new rental from Black Sheep. It was pretty nice looking. I frankly wouldn't mind one for myself. Some larger BFG KO2s and a mild lift and it'd probably meet the needs of 90% of the overlanders out there. 





Then we get to the ONLY Wrangler I found.... Was pretty much given the Miami Special. Had more wrapped up in "aesthetics" than capability. An expensive matte wrap, a 4 slot grill (why?), eBay bumper, and about $2-3K in KatSkinz quilted upholstery. Suspension was bone stock.


Behind it was a nice G-Wagon - but let's face it, they're all nice. 




I also spotted (but didn't get pictures of) several Toyota Hiluxes, a TON of classic Defenders, and a FJ40.

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