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Bags for Kids

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After seeing a facebook post indicating a rather (to me) unusual program about used luggage, I began calling various agencies I thought would be able to provide an answer as to it's validity.   After reaching a couple of dead ends, late Friday afternoon, I was referred to a phone number that I was told may be able to help clarify this FB luggage story.


When I made the call this morning, I was pleased to learn that there is indeed a used baggage donation program (not well advertised), that accepts donations of luggage which is gently used and clean. 


These luggage donations are used in support of situations where kids in less than great situations, need luggage (as opposed to carrying their belongings in a plastic garbage bag) for temporary re-housing, such as foster care, kids at risk, etc.


SO:   If you have gently used luggage that you want to part with, rather than dumping it, or donating to Goodwill (etc.), may I suggest you consider donating to  OCJ Kids, (address & contact info is below...)


NOTE:   They are closed this Thanksgiving week.


OJC Kids

21630 N. 9th Ave.   Suite 103

Phx, AZ     85027


Hours:   M-F  9am - 4pm


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I love this! Thanks OB!

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